A Cup Of Hot Air

Of the house of pain and injury of annual national art of holding

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Time taken out of print

Speech Recognition’s Version of Because I could not stop for death by Emily Dickinson

The time taken out of print

that the timing of earning

that the home-run there are a whole

and it worked on the

We have read the whole

e-mail me

and that order

a late paper and ranger

leader of one or barking

Rate that read all

the children than a week that in the ring

that are younger

and younger

brain that

the actual time

And that the time of the new group

of the ring and jail

at me

of the regular

at that level


Read that all

of that being

the running of the home

run live and work

and readable and added a run

Band and sharing

and that each year the program

and a head of the nine

of them had with line

and the

S.R. Telephone of Above

Noontime content of the rear

of the time comparing

at the home-run data

 on the table and let them be

Wheat of the below

e-mail me and that

order intake

and are in danger of your

of the time line

of your

Late that read other children

of the acting director

of the diamond under lane

that the actual Glory

And that the time

of the new group of brain damage

and that many of the delays at that level rail

Raid of the backing of the name

of the home-run laden blood

readable and batted around

Add the engine and that each year

the program and have them

and then member of the

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Oracle of the army

Speech Recognition’s Version of Because I could not stop for death by Emily Dickinson

The time of that none of them to

The timing of when he

But our home at them and they’ll

And in light of the

We run into a home e-mail me

And of them were delayed

Len Deighton Indonesian two

A good read the

We time when all regular and earl

A jury that in the ring

Read that are human and remembering

We had were acting on

And that may be that are

If you are reading and jail

Anatomy of an error rate down

Like it or we will

We have with that of not being

At that meeting of the brown

The red light and read the novel

The lack of an unknown

And then have been sharing and yet the

You’ve just heard that need a

Of that and I’m the head and then

Oracle of the army

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A New Year’s Eve game of Speech Recognition Telephone. Wishing a happy New Year to everyone.

Happy New Year’s Eve

Action had been

Action that then

Action that in

Happy New Year’s Eve

Fact that the 50th
At that be a year

And that a year

At that same year

At that meeting near

Happy New Year’s Eve

That he had been

At the time in

Happy New Year’s Eve

At the new you’ve been

At many are you being

At any time being

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The Murmur of Time

Speech Recognition’s Version of The Murmur of a Bee by Emily Dickinson

Been honored at the

A bridge that you may mean

In any era meantime

Lacking year and I’m

At a time

The rat of time you’re

They get a late night mail

By anyone at a lower

And there are times a year

At the home

Of breaking of the day

At a line degree

In any of the tile

Ad under the rail

At the home

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Home is behind, the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow to the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade 
All shall fade, all shall fade.

Speech Recognition’s Version:

At the time the violence that had

At that time any time you’re trying to

Little joke at home in the head of that

Add to the heart of the home of that

Lack of a battle of those same

Of joy of all they need of jail for any

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At a Dreamer and a Green

       Speech Recognition’s Rendition of: 

A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

They don’t have the time of the home!

At entire team than e-mail

That match at me and I’m—

Lack of funding

At that they have been a dream;

I hope that the delay

And a nurse or NBA

An invasion lacking nine

And that all are new to the home?

Of that we need are being

And at green lake and injuring

At hand and many of the hauler

A day at home and Schaller

And that old and my hand

Grain of the golden and—

A little bit of a hurry

A late entry to the

At a week—or a whole time we

A hacker data that

Limited time get that?

Of that time that same

The home of that team at the same?

And of the week before being

At a green light and a green?  

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