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At a Dreamer and a Green

       Speech Recognition’s Rendition of: 

A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

They don’t have the time of the home!

At entire team than e-mail

That match at me and I’m—

Lack of funding

At that they have been a dream;

I hope that the delay

And a nurse or NBA

An invasion lacking nine

And that all are new to the home?

Of that we need are being

And at green lake and injuring

At hand and many of the hauler

A day at home and Schaller

And that old and my hand

Grain of the golden and—

A little bit of a hurry

A late entry to the

At a week—or a whole time we

A hacker data that

Limited time get that?

Of that time that same

The home of that team at the same?

And of the week before being

At a green light and a green?  

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